Thursday, April 30, 2009

more updates:

27/04/09: local SME at genting lane
Status: Not considered
pardon me again but its the second time i had a bad experience with local SME. i dunno if the waiting is part of the interview exercise as i waited for almost 45mins again. although the hiring manager is more kind this time without the 'bo liao' questions, i'm still disappointed with the HR and hiring manager. firstly i didn't even apply directly to this company as it belongs to one of the subsidiaries and the HR probably just dump my resume with the hiring manager and he just called me for an interview probably without understanding my prior experience, which he later claimed that its not matching to what he wants. waste everyones' time again....

28/04/09: local SME @ shenton way
Status: To be updated
one of the most encouraging interview as the company is hiring a number of candidates and looks like i have a pretty good chance. HR manager is very straight to the point which i like but she also hinted for a further pay cut. oouuuchh! i already take a 10% cut myself liao and it seems that i'm going for another 10%... well.. shall see...

29/04/09: US MNC at harbourfront
Status: To be updated
this one no fight. if i were to come in, it will be the BIGGEST company i ever worked for! its a fortune 100 company ok! enough enough! need to wipe my saliva and back to the details. basically i cock up the interview as i said things which i shouldn't. i should have thought of some other excuses to explain myself and the one i used is in direct contradiction to the job scope! *bang wall* all is not lost as i did save a few points by offering some solutions to the job and the HR manager is pretty delighted about it. now i can only hope for the best...

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