Wednesday, April 29, 2009

history has shown that when people cannot keep their cool in situations, they are bound for trouble for what they has said or done.

this is typical in singapore.

look a what happened to our ex-NKF boss? if he kept his cool and remained silence about all the accusations from the press, no one is going to disturb him actually. singaporeans are usually 'bo chap' about things they cannot have a feet in. oh yah, not to mention that singaporeans are very 'forgiving and forgetting', especially for the latter as they will forget after a while.

as for what happened to the ren ci CEO, i cannot remember how he got himself into all these shit. anyway if i were him, drawing $16k/month excluding director fees, what is $50k man to lend to your personal assistance instead of forging all these documents? or ask him to only lend half of that, considering that its a personal loan?

now, the most recent is 'aware', where one of the 'high level management' made some comments which were questioned by MOE. she had better apologise openly and take back all her words, or else she is really courting trouble for nothing....

so the lesson learnt: just to what you should be doing, watch what you say, know what you are doing. before being famous, make sure you have got a history as clean as a piece of blank paper.

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