Tuesday, April 28, 2009

just to update you guys on what happened for my interviews for this week:

23/04/09: a french MNC @ kallang
Status: Rejected.
everything went on pretty smoothly. has 2 hours of discussion with the VP and PM and there is quite abit of interactions among us. i feel good when the interviewers tell me about the company, its operations, plans, etc as that shows they are pretty positive about me as a potential candidate. was told that if i'm selected i should receive call from them in 2 to 3 weeks time as they are still interviewing candidates within these 2 weeks. praying hard that i can get into this place coz its good!!

24/04/09: local SME @ macpherson
Status: Not considered.
call me prejudice but this time i'm very disappointed. my appointment was 930am. when i reach the office at 915am, i was told that the manager is away for meeting. no problem, i filled up the form and begin my 1.5 hours of waiting. the manager didn't explain why he is late and no apology. fine. the first question he posted was "tell me why i should hire you?" sorry but i find this question very childish and insulting. if i'm asked this question as a fresh graduate i've nothing to complain but i'm a professional and i cannot really tolerate such a question. if i'm still employed somewhere else i'll probably rebute him by saying "then why not you tell me why should i work for you?" ok enough of him...

25/04/09: US MNC at joo koon
Status: To be updated
pleasant surprise that i share some common things with the interviewers: the hiring manager is from the same camp as me during NS although i have never seen him before, while the HR manager seems to have quite a knowledge of my post-graduate studies, which i presume he or someone he knows of probably graduated from the same institution before. a pretty good interview experience and certainly hope that i can receive a call from them this week or next week.

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