Monday, March 30, 2009

over lun-ner (combination of lunch at dinner, think along the line of 'br-unch') today, mrs tan reminded me that i should start working on the wedding preparations. among the many things she mentioned to me which gave me headaches:

a. who should be the brothers and sisters? now many pax?
b. prepare the ang paos for helpers. how much?
c. buffet lunch on actual day
d. wedding cakes and such?
e. who to be mecee?
f. items for 'an chuang'?
g. who to engage for photography on actual day?
h. do we need a videography on actual day?
i. wedding car?
j. ushers for wedding dinner?
k. need to 'ti qin'?
l. venues for phototaking? theme?

all along i thought i've done a great job by getting the wedding package and banquet booked....

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