Monday, March 23, 2009

if there is anything the economists and politicians can do in this gloomy economic times, it is to shut their mouths up from 'offering insights, advices and predictions'.

we dun need them to remind us day after day that the economy is down. we know that ALREADY.

we dun need them to tell us what they 'think' the economy will be like at the end of this year coz they are horrible at predicting, just think back that they predicted year 2009 to be very rosy when we are still in 2008?

haven't they realised that economic performance is mainly due to a very important factor: consumer confidence? if everyday they are going to give us negative news after negative news, how do they expect us to pick up confidence again? by predicting how bad the economy will be doesn't deserve them any credits at all because they failed to predict that we are heading to this in the first place.

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