Sunday, December 28, 2008

attended the constituency bursary and scholarship giving ceremony this morning.

memories of those good o'days where i'm one of those award recipients comes alive. really miss those days where the only stress is from studies.. now have to worry about work, family, etc etc...

anyway that aside, its disappointed to see that after the students have received their awards from the guest of honour, many of the parents / students wanted to leave the venue right away, despite being reminded time after time to stay till the event ends, as a form of respect for the guest of honour and for the other award recipients.

in my words, their behaviour is plain selfish.

if everyone thinks that way, who will want to be the last to go on stage? is there any meaning of this ceremony in the first place if everyone only thinks of themselves? might as well don't come for the ceremony since the cheque will still be mailed to your home right?

seriously, while our country has progressed significantly in economy, our EQ and behaviour certainly has a significant way to catch up as well...

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