Friday, December 26, 2008

my pressies this x'mas~

i've to be frank that most of the things are not really what i'll need/useable. well, thats typical of x'mas gift exchange right?

that brings up a very important point: does it really makes sense for gift exchange, knowing that 95% of the time we are just spending money to buy gifts for others and getting something we don't need in return?


i must be weird.

you know what, all x'mas meat taste/smell like luncheon meat to me! you know those from china ones? ma lin brand or dunno what other brands lah... haha... yah you got me right? its that kind of taste!

i LOVEEEE luncheon meat but having the same taste on different food just doesn't sounds right..

let me know if you also feel the same.

btw.. even my mickey's dog food smells like luncheon meat to me... *duhzz*

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