Thursday, January 01, 2009

happy new year to all!

i'm supposed to review my resolutions of 2008 but i guess i'm too ashamed to even put them here.. i achieved NONE!!! OMG!!

*bang wall*

nevertheless, i'll still need resolutions to 'guide' me through 2009, 'hopefully' i can accomplish them =)

1. exercise at least twice a week
2. maintain my weight at 56kg, variance of +1kg during festive season is acceptable
3. participate in standard chartered run! hopefully a half marathon again.
4. pick up a new hobby - how about flower arrangement? or baking? haha~
5. be better to my family
6. work hard for my career while keeping a lookout for business opportunities
7. save $$$$
8. ..
9. ..
10. ..

cannot think already.. =/

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