Monday, September 22, 2008

even before the recent milk-scare in china, i've always been cautious and septical about food from china. during my trips to china, i'll try just to eat the minimal as i'll never know what they are 'really' serving me on the plate or how they are prepared.

i'm not saying that all the food manufacturers in china are bad. nevertheless these bunch of 'black heart' businessman are willing to do anything to make money. remember the past incidents of selling sick/dead pigs, bird flu, food contamination in japan to leaded paint for toys and the recent olympic song and fireworks issue?

well.. the olympic is 'supposed' to lift the image of china but the negative news have kind of put them back to the starting point, if not farther back...

anyway my solution to the food scare is this: always rotate different brands for the same food you consume eg this week buy daisy milk, next week buy HL milk, another week magnolia and so on. at least if one of the brands kena something jialat jialat, you will not be dead worried as you did not consume them continuously for a long period of time!

i practice this for all foodstuffs and you may want to adopt this strategy too~ =)

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