Friday, September 19, 2008

a week of reservist passed by so quickly.

maybe its because the programmes are too tight that i've no time to take 'recuperating long naps' as per my previous ICTs.. the best thing is that all these are just for less than one minute of my hands on the GPMG during live firing..

talking about an efficient SAF... well... no comments. as least i came home in one piece.

btw for the next 2 weeks till 2nd oct, i'll be rotting at home as i'm on paid leave! yeah! finally can recharge myself after 4.5 years of non-stop working. now my energy level is just like those childtime 'ultramans' with my chest lamp flashing red..

anyway my plans for the next 2 weeks: sun-tanning + jogging + gym + cooking =)

anyone want to ask me out for kopi??

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