Wednesday, September 24, 2008

3rd day nuaing at home.. okok its the 5th day actually if you consider the weekend as well.

have been a pretty hardworking house-husband doing housework such as cleaning the floor, laundry, shopping for groceries, cooking, etc etc.

went for suntan yesterday and its so fruitful! wanted to go again today but heaven thinks otherwise and giving me a day off by raining since early morning. well, maybe i've exceeded my uv level abd i should take a rest.. haha..

side note: my ex-boss called me up yesterday noon and informed me that they have a vacancy for me, asking if i'm still interested. haizz.. she was late. if she informed me 3 weeks ago i will probably fly over without much considerations. if i were to bail out now, i'll be losing quite abit of my salary.. minimum 3 months or more in terms of compensation to the various sources. in addition, i wonder if they are willing to pay even more than what i'm getting now although i'm still not considered extremely well paid haha.. next time bah.. let me retire there ok? haha~

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