Friday, May 16, 2008

i'm offered a position to become a teacher =))

i'm ready to embark on another chapter of my life but there are 2 issues which made me quite hesitate..

1. i'm worried about the salary of a teacher. not sure if the ministry actually takes into account my postgraduate degree. if they don't, they probably isn't going to pay me for it and i'm going to have a hard time trying to convince myself that the pay cut is justifiable.

2. i've another 'open option' from my ex-boss that she welcomes me to join her back in the company again. its certainly good news for me as i enjoy working with her. pay should not be an issue here as i believe they will minimum pay me what i'm getting now or even more.

how ah?

time is running short. i'll going to be confirmed in 3 weeks time. after which my notice period will be 2 months instead of 2 weeks. i'm probably expected to reply the ministry about my decision of the offer about the same time also. the last open from my ex-boss is still outstanding...


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