Thursday, May 15, 2008

i can't remember when is the last time i bought something for myself.. is it the ralph lauren polo tees i got at really good price from jakarta when i went there in january? i guess so coz i dun see anything new around me haha!

after more than 4 months, i finally decided to replace my black leather shoes which i got it more than 10 years ago! yes! not bad hor.. dr martins can buy!! its a pair which i remember i got it because of my jc prom night and it has been under utilised since then. its only the last 3 years then i'm wearing them almost everyday and finally it will be "shelved". i will probably still keep it in case of rainy days where my new pair is still wet =))

dunno why but it feels good buying something for myself once in a while. i think i really need to pamper myself more..

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