Tuesday, October 02, 2007

i've decided to join facebook after all the hype on how microsoft and yahoo are interested to pay US$15 bilion for it, how fun the website is, how much better it is compared to friendster, various applications, etc etc..

errrm.... call me old or what but i'm not 'wow-ed' by facebook, seriously. perhaps i'm just biased as friendster serves me just nice..

i'm unable to search for my friends using email that i type! when i choose "search for friends", i always get a stupid error message that says the operation is aborted and all the crap.. the only way i can add friends now is thru "friend finder" which the system searches for my super out-dated address book which i don't bother to update..

ok thats enough for now... wait till i got time then i try to explore more, else it will just be like another account which i created and idled...

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