Wednesday, October 03, 2007

one of the most hilarious ns story i ever heard (extract from one of my suppliers):

a group of ns men who belongs to one of the infantry units was out in the jungle for an exercise. as the night falls, they realised that their water supply was running low and they have no way to replenish their supplies, proably due to some screwed-up in the logistics. as some of the ns men belong to the 'foreign educated' soldiers who were strong believers in human rights, they ruled that their human rights have been intruded and they made a call to the SAF hotline!! wooo~~~

ns men: hello! i want to complain!

hotline receptionist (aka downgraded NSF): yes sir what can i do for you?

ns men: we are in the middle of an exercise and we have no water to drink! why SAF so cock up one?? we are dying of thirst!

hotline receptionist: sorry sir, i need to inform you that you are currently in an exercise so you should not call the SAF hotline at the moment. please wait till your exercise is over and we will attend to you.

ns men: WTF!?!? we got no water to drink and you still ask me to wait? if i die how? you are responsible ok? let me have your ic number and rank and name.. i'll take down...

hotline receptionist: ehh.. okok you hold on ah, i ask my officer to attend to you....

hahha... we ns men are just so interesting people.. people with BIG BALLS to be exact =))


i just completed the longest run in my life.... 8.6km aka 2 rounds around bedok reservoir... and my legs wobbled when i reach the end point... =((

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