Sunday, September 30, 2007

*updates @ 04-oct-07*
i've rejected the interview from Lxx and Nxx. the lady from Nxx even invited me twice for the interview and said "you are in luck! the management feels that you are suitable for the position so we will like you to give you another chance again..." well... i'm not really interested in your offer..

left the last one from Mxx.. i think i will give it amiss...

within a short short span of 3 days, i'm given 3 additional opportunites for interviews: all are either in stat boards or government bodies, namely Mxx, Lxx and Nxx.

despite the fact that i've accepted the other offer from Txxxxxxx, i'll still attend all to see how is it like.. i'll never know what i'll get at the end of the day =))

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