Tuesday, October 10, 2006

two things happened today. both were within my expectations right from the start.

i'm going to lose a tuition student from this sunday onwards as that willbe his last lesson. the whole story is very simple: he has completed his sec 2 and is moving on to sec 3 and its natural for me to ask for revision of the fees as i'm earning peanuts for the past year. i'm only charging him $270 for 8 lessons 2 hrs each, and that is a freaking $135 for 4 lessons! even primary school don't charge so low lor..

so when i asked for a revision, the parents have hoped that i'll charge the same rate as what i charged for his brother, that is $330 for 8 lessons 2 hrs each (yes i'm doing charity) but i requested for at least $380 for the same amount of work. today the mum sms me and decided to call it a day and i'm pretty ok with it, coz i dun see a reason why i should be bringing myself down so much just to earn that pathetic dollar. i dare to say that i'm a very responsible tutor and i think i'm worth much more from the results i can produce.

together with his brother who will be stopping after his o levels, i'll really be eating grass from next month onwards.. will need to find new students during the holidays..


despite what i have said, i appreciate your frank and direct reply. thank you for your encouragement as well.. even if i dun say it out today, i knew this will be the outcome right from the start but i'll still say it out one day as i do not want to add on any regrets in my life which i have enough.

no matter what, as what i said to you before, you will not hear any of such things from me again and rest assured you won't from today onwards, coz its enough to say what needs to be said once.


read this from soneone's blog that says:

i guess it fits me nicely also with just little changes:

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