Wednesday, October 11, 2006

today's tennis was great. last lesson so the coach taught us the rules of the game. nothing new to me as i've already picked up all the rules through my early touch with the tennis game in the good ol' nitendo days. was pretty surprised that the others did not play the game before.. maybe they are from a different era.. haha..

played a simple game with the coach and i guess my fellow course mates must have been smittened by my impressive ace serve that even the coach didn't manage to return it. i thought its ruled out as seen from my angle but the others thought otherwise. oh well =) this great serve came at a price ok, coz i hurt and overstrained my arm while doing that.. =X

now it hurts..


at my void deck i saw this stray that looks really cute. i approached him and he didn't try to run away. instead, he sat nicely for me to sayang, and even lie on its body, waiting for me tickle it's tummy. from what i know about cats is that it is a sign of trust to the human. thinking that it may be hungry, i quickly rush to the prime supermarket nearby and bought him a can of cat food.

he seems to know that i bought something for him and was so happy that he kept spinning and wiggling around me! hehe.. so happy =D i dun usually feed strays, and its definitely the first time i even bought something for a cat that i see on the street. too bad its not a doggy, otherwise i may just bring it back home.

well, perhaps thats a little bit of love and warmth that i can do for this cat.. =)

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