Monday, October 09, 2006

was on my way for my face spa and witnessed an accident right infront of me! the lorry infront whack the backside of a mpv infront.

wheels skid, a loud bang, rear glass shattered.

i think no one was injured.

i was lucky that i kept a safety distance from the lorry and there isn't any car that tail behind me. looks like my safety driving and my previous encounter of an accident has paid off and i'll certainly continue to drive safely from today onwards.

the ironic thing about this accident was that just a minute before it happened, i tuned into 93.3fm and the dj was saying "there isn't any traffic accident now..."

ok nows the face spa. i can be really forgetful as i forgot to bring my manhatten card! because of this i cannot enjoy my complimentary face spa and in the end i opted for another treatment which cost me $55. anyway since my birthday is around the corner i shall pamper myself abit. pretty satisfied with the end result and i can really feel my face is sparkling clean now. even mosquito will fall off from my face now =)

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