Thursday, October 12, 2006

you never get what you want, and you always get what you don't want.

what i have said to someone on tuesday was told to me by another person today, and what someone told me on tuesday, i have to say something of similar context to another person today.

within a span of 2 days, i am on both sides of the road.

its certainly very hurting to be on the side where you will not get what you wish to have. all the hopes were dashed.. you feel that you have lost perhaps the most important thing in your life. but that was a fact i'll need to accept, and i can understand how the other person feels now..

its also not easy for me to be on the other side of the road. but truth is always so cruel.. especially when feelings are not mutual...

when such things happen, i believe no one is at fault. its just that we may not be fated for one another.. and i'll respect the decision..

haizz.. what can't i just be on the correct side of the road at the right time? i guess thats the ironic side of life..


on a happier note, i got an early birthday treat from my colleagues.

oh yeah i'm the only thorn among the roses in the china team (all of us are singaporeans and i'm the only guy and also the youngest) but we call ourselves that because we are in-charge of the china n taiwan territory. by the way the other colleagues are not invited.. haha. anyway we have a simple dinner at jacks place and they even got me a cake (i made a little wish~) and sang a birthday song for me. was a pleasant surprise as that certainly brightened up my mood abit after all these while.

thanks gals, really appreciate your effort and time for making my day =)

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