Saturday, September 23, 2006

last day in korea was spent watching the popular performance nanta(乱打). it came to singapore to perform once b4 but i missed it. heard from my counterpart there that its actually quite famous in korea as its already 10 yrs since the 1st performance and up to 3 million people have watched it since then. its very entertaining as the performers will try to engage the audience with the performance and thankfully the audience have been very responsive as well =)

back to the hotel and drank a cocktail called black russian or something like that, basically is volka + chocolate syrup. yucks.. dun like it.. i still prefer gin + sprite or singapore sling.. for consolation, at least there is a cute waitress there whom i kept on bioo-ing.. dunno she got realise or not =X

flight back was hell. half the time was turbulence and it made me so uncomfortable that i felt like puking for more than half the journey. to make matter worst, i had a heavy breakfast and the turbulence starts right after i had my in-flight meal.. shit..

for those who haven't poll yet, i guess its your last few days left before it will close!! --->>

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