Monday, September 25, 2006

i like to ask my galfrens this question:

"given 2 men, one has a car (or is rich), the other doesn't. ignore who is better in terms of character or who more handsome or what other bullshit, choose either one."

some choose the one w/o car.

naturally, my follow-up question will be: why? you afraid that i may judge you as someone who is materialistic if you choose the one who is rich?

really, if i'm a gal, given the ceteris paribus condition, of coz i'll go for the rich guy! why bother to endure hardship with the other rite since the only difference is one is rich and the other is poor. its that simple.

so its not wrong for a gal to choose to be with someone who is rich, who drive big and fast cars, dine in expensive restaurants, etc... hence i'll disagree with anyone who says that gal is materialistic, coz its just another way of selection. in the past, woman follow the man who can hunt and provide. in current terms, its the earning capability/wealth of the person that will be a point to attract the other half.

also, which parents don't want their duaghters to lead a better life by marrying someone who can provide? in turn, they are also potentially securing themselves for a comfortable retirement plan..

of coz lah, character, looks, attitude, chemistry may be important points to consider as well.. but as to how important these points are, only you know for yourself. =)

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