Thursday, September 21, 2006

2nd day in korea and i feel like going home..

however, let me see what interesting/lousy things i have ate and observed for the past 2 days:

1. authentic korean bbq - not bad =)

2. tried their 'korean whisky' (19.8%) and local beer - nice

3. chinese restaurant - rice with seafood in sauce - cannot make it although the serving is big

4. went to the dongdaemun market which is much raved by my colleague - i dunno did i went to the wrong side (imagine u are at tanglin mall and u think orchard road is just like that only) or am i too old for it coz the place is just like the level 1 in far east, except that their fashion is much louder than wat u find in singapore. anyway nothing much lah coz i did not even managed to spend a single cent, except for buying a bottled drink for 1100 won, which is about $2.. their night market is something like the pasar malam in singapaore, with all the funny imitation and low quality stuffs and fun-looking food stuffs, but a korean ah beng pissed me off by snatching away a tee from me when i ask if i can open the packaging and see but he replied me that he dun have m size instead.. @#$%^&

5. kim chi, kim chi, kim chi.. every meal i eat got kim chi..

6. ginseng chicken soup. mind you, everyone get a whole spring chicken and the inside is stuffed with glutinous rice! wah kaozz.. to finish it is a torture.. me and my colleague have to finish them coz we both feel that its not polite to just leave the rice alone especially the host literally lick up the bowl dry.. -.-"

7. when you are eating with the local, please do not think that everything is over although you are almost full, coz they always like to start the meal with all the nice dishes and end it with a big bowl of rice or noodle.. its damm full lor! =( worst than when we go eat the 10-course dinner where we usually end with kong ba bao or fried rice, coz usually the 8 courses before that have pathetic servings esp if you are seated in a full-table..

8. their subway is a total mess!!! *faintzz* also, i begin to think whether they love to climb stairs or what as i hardly find escalators in the stations.. if its in singapore, sure kena complain till left right center..

9. handphones in korea can watch tv, movie, and 3MP camera is quite a norm there as i even saw those with 5MP!! so those of you who own a 3.2MP one (like mine) and think its VERY BIG (i didn't think that way).. think twice.. then those with less than 2MP better don't show your handphone there.. worst still, those who are still carrying the non-colour phone better don't let your antique be seen, else the koreans may think that you come from the north?? or stone age??

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