Monday, August 14, 2006

today is a 'weird' day. 1st time so many things happen together in one day. anyway better don't think so much. 多想多烦恼,少想少烦恼,不想没烦恼。=D


something which i finally found out about myself: i'm actually a very careless person which i thought i'm not all the while. not only am i careless when i was back in school days where i'll get wrong answers for careless mistakes (which explains my lousy grades all these while), i'm actually very careless with my belongings as well...

1. my handphone has got lots of scratches,
2. my laptop (old and new) are showing signs of wear amd tear,
3. my baby has got many scratches due to my negligence and ignorance,
4. the latest to make my heart pain is my 2 months old oakley shades has got some scratches on one of the lenses!! shit man! i shouldn't have brought it to shanghai.. so heart pain now. ='(

i need casings for all my toys to protect them!

in conclusion, i shall try not to buy things that cost too much so that i'll not feel heart pain again..

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