Saturday, August 12, 2006


this was what my colleague told me when i told her i saw a polo tee i fancy while in shanghai. its really interesting when i start to relate it to relationships.

relationship is very related to the phase above. alot of times when we see someone infront of us, we hestitate and hestitate coz we are unsure is he/she the one for us. we try to stall time and avoid making a move further by saying that his/her intentions/reactions are unclear, although our 6th sense told us otherwise. even thou we may feel that the person is nice but we will tell ourselves that he/she may not match our 'invisible' requirements and we expect the next one will be better.

we simply let the chance goes by.

however, chances dun usually knock twice. once we give this chance up, we start to regret our decisions ... perhaps thats the reason why we usually end up with people whom do not have all the requirements we initially set for ourselves.

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