Wednesday, August 16, 2006

one of my colleagues just broke off with his gf of 3.5 years. her reason for initiating: she cannot stand my colleague's temper anymore, and my colleague readily agreed that he has very bad temper. he was totally distracted. he was sad. he mentioned that he has learnt his mistake and really hoped that there is another chance, which he is not going to get..

looking at him reminds me of myself almost a year back. i was undergoing what he went thru. at least for his case his sadness is more worthy than mine.. i dunno why the fuck am i so sad the other time as its not worth it at all. haha! anyway i've got over it and i'm looking forward to a new phase of life, which i wonder when will i ever going to embark on it..

although its supposed to be a session where i'm supposed to console him, but something that he mentioned really leave an impact on me:

"don't be shy! there is nothing to lose if it don't turn out what you want. you won't lose a dollar in your account nor will you lose a piece of flesh. just try so you will not have regrets."

yes. i wanted to do that, but the fear of not making it is always there..

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