Tuesday, July 04, 2006

*updates: i'm not a superstitious person but i realised that the last time i kena the pole is on the 2nd may 2006, and its also the FIRST TUESDAY OF THE MONTH! well.. once bitten twice shy, so twice kena accident on the first tuesday of the month.. how?? is it really coincidence, or otherwise??!!*

p/s: sandy/andy: if you read this post, PLEASE do not tell anyone about it.. thanks.

today is not a day for me and my baby. was at the junction of jurong town hall road and boon lay way where i stopped before the traffic lights turned red. at this moment i heard a loud bang and i could felt my car moved ahead..

shit.. really kena my baby...

my baby's bumper was badly dented, the boot cannot be closed and the rear lamps were damaged badly. this time is really much much worst than the last time i kena the stupid pole..

in the end i sent my car to the workshop which was introduced by a passerby. i'm willing to let him do it because he claimed that i do not need to pay a single cent and he will do the claim from the taxi which hit me. also, i'm really shocked by the bang. my hands were trembling when i wrote the particulars of the other driver.. i don't recall anytime in the past that my hands trembled in such a way..

anyway everything as smooth and i even got a replacement car for use these few days which my baby is in the workshop. my idea is this is not something good and i just want to get everything settled fast. i don't want further problems.

but the real problems started when i let my parents know about it.

my father blamed me for sending the car to a unknown workshop as he claimed that they will anyhow jack up the cost and overclaim from the other insurance comapny. he also mentioned that things will turn ugly if the other insurance company don't pay up and i'll in turn be in trouble. seriously lah, i did not think of such things when that happened as i just want to settle things fast. but the more my dad blamed me for my decision, i slowly began to realise its not just about the issue about. whats in his mind is that he actually wants to get some compensation if the car is sent to a workshop whom we know. i mean if you are angry with me for making a decision without consulting you and i may complicate matters, i'm willing to admit my mistake, although i cannot really think clearly at that time. however, if your rationale of scolding me is about compensation from my accident, then i'm disappointed. i'm relieved that i did not suffer any visible injuries and i pray that there isn't any internal ones from the impact. if i did, i wonder if he will say the same thing... even the uncle who hit me ask me the first thing "are you injured?"

its not that i look ok infront of you means i'm totally ok. you did not even ask me "are you injured? got see doctor?" but the first thing you said after i broke the news is that "why did you send the car to a workshop you don't know? wait they overcharge how?"

really, i'm disappointed. its only when i retaliate by saying my hands trembled at that instance and my mom said most importantly no one got injured then my dad sort of hold back what he said.. must i lie in the hospital then will he realise that the most important thing in life is not money? yes i understand that you want compensation, but that should not be the first thing that comes to your mind right?

so long as i dun need to pay a single cent for all the repairs, my NCD is safe, i get a replacement car for the time being to let me live life as before, to me thats enough. how much the workshop is going to gain out of overcharging is it's business. i just want my life to resume to normal as soon as possible and be able to drive my baby again.. compensation is the last thing on my mind...

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