Sunday, July 02, 2006

correction: its the zara at orchard that is disappointing. the one at marina square looks so much better. maybe will go down one of these days to get something there =)

zara sale is disappointing. i guess they are just trying to clear their old old stocks. i still remember the comment from my american counterpart when he was in singapore 2 weeks ago. he asked me if the GSS is just a way for the stores to clear up the old stocks, and i can nod in agreement for zara.

again, when i have something in mind which i wanted to get, i always got something else instead..


yeah, portugal won! england finally can go tour germany. but then, watching 2 matches in 2 consecutive days with extra time and penalty shootout certainly is straining to the body.. the extra time total up can watch an extra match already.

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