Friday, July 07, 2006

finally its friday.. it has not been a very good week for me so i'm looking forward for the weekend to rest and relax, as well as to forget about all the unhappy things.

i think i can forget about unhappy things quite easily. my way of doing it is to accept it as something i have no control over, and it happened, so there is no point in dwelling over it and make myself sad. another words, just accept it as a fact in life.

other than the above, i'm also using another method recently: retail therapy. when i'm shopping and buying things for myself, i tend to forget my worries, and i'll feel better after looking at my loots. but then hor, i usually end up buying things i don't need, and i regret over what i've spent. in that way, i feel heartpain over my loots instead of my worries.. hehe..


i want to go zara in marina! i wana buy shirts!!

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