Saturday, July 22, 2006

today's blading session is "almost a failure" as ss puts it. i knew before hand that there is something wrong with my blades, ie the alignment is quite off and i usually will have problem with blading after an hour or so.

today we started at the bedok jetty and we headed towards the mac. everything was good till we pass by the 'haunted yellow tower' and i can sense my blades giving me problem. so its true that my blades got problem, as the sole was loose hence causing the alignment to be off. no choice, i was near the mac when that happened so i have to endure and become a "pai ka" (one legged) blader by pushing with only one foot. and i can tell u its dammmm tough!! stupid ss still keep on saying "can one can one".. haha!

dunno what happened also lah, on our way back a little boy knocked ss down from behind to her butt and crashed onto my side. i juz kena a slight knock but she seems to kena quite jialat. when i turn my head she was already sitting on the floor already so i also dunno what had happened.. maybe the boy see her pretty and was too distracted so.... =X not long after, my blades also spoilt, and i have to walk back barefooted..

in the end, we have to cut short everything and head home... =(
gal, rest more ok? let me know if your pain persist..

noticed this "gundam" cosplay at the park so without hesitation i approached "him" for a photoshoot =)

the photo abit "compressed".. dunno why... but its still a funny shot! haha! pardon my messy hair and bare feet =)

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