Sunday, July 23, 2006

temptations! temptations! i hate temptations!

i was having my lonely dinner just now at BPP (w/o ss as she is resting at home after the accident) and i passed by m1 shop and its just like a magnet dragging my feet in! maybe its the k610i that was echoing to me to bring it home, or maybe the cute salesgal using telepathy to call me in?! opps! haha! anyway the k610i price has dropped by $60 to ONLY $238!! OMG! even more tempting as its only introduced for 2 weeks and now its even cheaper than last week! however, i resisted ALL temptations and went home empty handed.. hehe..

should i get it or not?? good price now leh.. dun think i can get another 3G phone from m1 at a even cheaper price than this lo, and i can reuse my current charger, earpiece, battery (dunno can or not).. arrghh!! *scratching my itchy hands* can someone tie my itchy hands up to prevent me from buying? want to help me 'safeguard' my credit cards instead? nah! fat hope! haha!

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