Friday, July 21, 2006

dunno what have i done wrong to be treated like shit by someone. i feel so puzzled now that things can turn against me just overnight. yes, literally overnight! what have i done wrong? can you please tell me? at least let me know what have i done to offend you to be treated this way?

seriously, i don't like this feeling as i feel that its not justified.

i really regret trying to be a mr nice guy all these while. people like to say that nice guys are good, nice guys have vanished, etc. however, in actual fact, they don't appreciate, and they don't see it as a virtue. what they say is not what they really mean in the heart. if thats the case then why should i continue trying to be nice? maybe thats the reason why nice guys are going to extinct, and its for a good course.. i should have swayed to the dark side long time ago as people like bad guys.. and perhaps its not too late to be one now..

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