Thursday, July 20, 2006

random thoughts again...

random thought #1:
just when i was still waiting to get my pmp certification, another random yet interesting thought came into my mind: how about another paper qualification? and almost immediately the advertisement of a DBA (doctor of business adminstration) flashed across my mind. *gasp* the thought of people calling me "dr tan" certainly is music to the ears, but the sight of another 3 years of slogging really held me back. i've slogged for 4 bloody years for a over-rated local university degree and another 1.5 years for my masters degree, and to add another 3 years to it will be hell... school fees is another thing... and SGD30k is no joke...

random thought #2
i have decided to take up windsurfing! haven't decided where to take the course but may be the same place i take my ppcdl. next month perhaps? anyway its a short course over a weekend and after that i'll be able to go windsurfing during my free time! yeah! my colleagues are impressed with me for taking one course after another.. aiyah nothing to do mah.. so learn something lor.. better than wasting it rite? =)

random thought #3:
i wana buy a new hp! i'm aiming for the sony ericsson k610i which will set me back by $298 (w 2 yrs plan). its basically the same phone as my k750i except that its 3G.. should i get? my contract has expired for more than 6 months liao and my k750i joystick is getting insensitive.. how how how? dun tell me to get nokia hor.. i condemm liao.. haha!

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