Friday, June 30, 2006

finally weekend is ahead. still thinking should i go orchard tomorrow for the zara sale?? should i? should i not?


was watching world cup with 2 of the guys when one of them reminded me of her. i was puzzled why he brought it up as i thought he dunno that there was nothing left between us. anyway he did not go further much about her, but what he mentioned about her bf did make me raise my eyebrows abit..

me: "so u got see her bf before?"

him: "yah, is the mr yyy lor."

me: "huh? *raise eyebrow* she left me for mr xxx what, how come now is with mr yyy?"

him: "dunno leh, always see them very close together and always meet for lunch so must be lah.."

me: "thats interesting, coz its only about slightly half a year ago thing, and now is someone new."

as i mentioned before a few months back, i don't feel anything who she is with now or did she bluff me at that time where she is actually with mr yyy but she say she is with mr xxx.

if (i said IF so don't quote me) she is really bluffing me, then i feel sad for mr xxx, coz i remmebered very clearly that she say mr xxx is dying soon.. wat a way to curse someone..

okok i better keep my mouth shut.. someone's ear must be rather itchy..

just to let you peeps know something about me:
i am a person who can forgive someone easily by accepting things that have happened as a fact of life. however, i'm also someone who don't easily forget.. if you have been good to me once i'll surely remember your kindness, but if you have done something ungrateful to me, i'll remember you in the same way..

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