Wednesday, June 21, 2006

whenever i have a gathering with people i long time no meet or people i just know, they will surely pop up the issue of relationship. i find it lame when they tell me this..

"aiyo dun bluff lah! u dun look like no gf kind lor. "

i bluff for what? will i get paid for that? if yes please make payment to POSB savings 130-xxxxx-9. USD and SGD preferred. thanks.

"you got degree, got a good job at a good company, got car somemore, where got no gf one?"

idiot. u throw one stone along orchard road and its not difficult to kena one with a degree lor. many others no get degree also earn more than me what, so what if i have? also, got car doesn't necessarily mean surely got gf ok. if you are talking about sports car maybe another story, but mine is just a normal one u see easily on the road what..

"no no, dun deny liao! tell you lah, you sure easy to get a gf one with all you have.."

double idiot. getting gf is not about easy or not but whether fate has allowed me to find the right one.. which formulae from which genius states that qualifications + job + car = gf?

triple idiot.

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