Saturday, June 24, 2006

i passed my PPCDL!!!!


i think i performed quite ok throughout the test except for my berthing which the whole boat swayed away from the berth.. i tried to stop it but the stupid wave keep on pushing my boat away from the berth.. kena lectured by the tester back at the debrief.. =( but i'm lucky, coz the guy who was on the same boat with me performed much worst than me so in the end i look better! hehe! the tester took out a form from his drawer and passed to me and said "boon hwa, you are at the borderline but at least u did not make me feel unsafe in your boat unlike the previous guy.. you passed. congratulations!"

double woohoo~!

i'm qualified now to drive a boat! yeah! looking forward to my first trip out to the sea =)

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