Sunday, June 18, 2006

i'm still not really in a good mood over the weekend and as a result, i engage in retail therapy.

total damage: $379.90.

bought a pair of adidas racer. saw it in adidas at hereen the other day but find that $120 is abit too out of budget. at the end, i bought it for 30% discount at queensway shopping centre =) quite a good price i think as its a new model and not on sale list.

after aiming for a pair of shades for a long time, finally bought my oakley half jacket. its grey colour for the frame with blue tinted lens. its different from those selling outside which is grey frame with black lens thus making it kinda unique. of coz uniqueness comes with a hefty price tag..

mine is the same colour frame but with blue lens =)

after my queensway adventure, i went over to ikea with buying a clock in mind. saw one which is quite nice but find it kinda too big for my room as its more like a living room clock. in the end i did not buy a clock but bought a skubb organiser for my wardrobe..

my skubb organiser but in black.

last but not least, a pair of shoulder pads for myself when i'm in my ride. its really comfortable with it as no more aching shoulders!

at the end, i'm only slightly happier than before the therapy. looks like i need some time to forget everything..

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