Friday, June 16, 2006

i'm having mixed feelings today.

number 1:
i WAS very happy yesterday. really very happy. its a long time since i got that feeling... its just so difficult to put it into words.. you know, its something which cannot be explained.. its that feeling. not only i'm feeling it, even others can feel it too! my long lost hope suddenly came back to me again and i thought my fairy godmother has heard me finally..

nope. she did not hear me. i plunged heavily. yes, i was sad. my happy mood yesterday has turned its back on me totally after i found out everything i need to know. again, i was late as usual.

this is what i put in my msn:

that what i'm feeling right now..

number 2:
on a happier note, i passed my PPCDL theory test! 28/30 ok.. mai siao siao! i admit i didn't study much, and i'm really very lucky to get a set of easy questions which i can handle. sad for andy as he is 2 points away from passing.. so near yet so far.. work harder brudder! u can make it the next time!

anyway the practical test will be next saturday (24/06) and i hope i can make it =)

number 3:
idiot! my handphone is going bonkers! now the stupid phone cannot read my memory stick! damm.. pls don't die on me yet... coz i dunno which hp to get as a replacement...

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