Wednesday, June 28, 2006

i feel that something is just not right about me for the past few days.

hmm... alrite let me recall what i've done or happened for the past 3 days..

monday: work - jogging - home
tuesday: work - jogging - tuition - home
wednesday: work - jogging - home

its only when i was bathing just now then the thought of "what have i done for the past few days" flashed in my tiny brain. i just cannot believe that i've been jogging for the past 3 days in a row! its not that i'm a total slug that i dun use my legs at all hor. before i landed up with this job about 2 mths ago, i used to go gym/jogging at least 3 times or more a week. after my reservist and i started with this new job + all the tuition i'm having, i begin to slack, slack, slack.. no more 3 times a week of exercising although i still keep religiously to the routine of going to cali once per week. however, i can feel the effect of the lack of exercising. my stamina is failing, my "once still quite reasonably ok looking" body seems to lose its shape, my face becoming rounder *opps!*

nope, i won't say i'm fat. its just the lack of exercise that makes me feel weak. and thats probably the best reason i have for the like to jogging =)

ok back to my main topic. yup.. 3 days in a row of jogging. my legs are really tired now that i think i need ajinomoto yokoyoko to ease my muscleache. nevertheless, now i have another motivation to drive me in jogging, and that is....

SAFRA Sheares Bridge Run & Army Half Marathon 2006


i'm contemplating to join this run this time round. i've missed all the previous years' run all due to dunno what funny reasons i can ever think of (or not think of) and i'm pretty serious about it this year. for those who are interested, some details below:

Date: Sun, 27 Aug 2006
Time: 5.30am to 2pm
Venue: The Padang
Distance: 6km, 10km or 21km

at my current level, i guess i can barely survive for the 6km route. will take these 2 mths to train up and my aim is to take up the 10km challenge! i'm still finding kakis to join the run so anyone out there who is willing to take up the challenge do let me know ok? =)

wahhh... long time since i posted something so long..

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