Sunday, April 02, 2006

was cleaning my room today when i stumbled upon this metal container on my study table.. eh.. a metal bowl to be exact. for about 20 seconds i couldn't remember exactly how this bowl came about, although it seems so familar yet so distance...

finally, i remembered the history of this bowl.

we used to cook our dinner using this bowl, your fav korean instant noodles, the campbells chunky soup, yeo's curry chicken... dinner was simple yet we (at least for me) enjoyed every moment of the cooking, the eating and the cleaning up.. not forgetting the honey drink or ribena that i prepared which completes every meal.. this bowl contains so much of the sweet memories of us over the 3 years staying in hostel that even after graduation, i refused to throw this bowl away..

time flies.. although this bowl still lies neatly on my study table, everything has faded.. only the bitter sweet memories remains when i look at the bowl again..

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