Wednesday, April 05, 2006

i want to go holiday!! i want to go overseas!

i wana go taiwan! i wana 食子路口!i wana go their karaoke! i wana eat their buffet! i wana shop the night markets and shopping centres!

i wana go bkk! last went was 6 yrs ago so i sure have alot of things accumulated on my shopping list for these 6 yrs. wana go there and eat and eat and eat! shop and shop and shop till i drop!

i wana go holiday resort! be it bali or whatever. i want to get away from the city, my work, etc... i wana sleep and rest!


fuck! i cannot take leave from now till national day as i'm on probation! shit! ahhh!!!!!!! i can only have time on weekends... maybe sentosa? or east coast? =(

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