Saturday, April 08, 2006

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before i forget, i must let u people know! was so happy that someone praised me yesterday that i am dressing better and i have a better build as compared to 3 months ago since she last saw me! haha! did i missed out anything more? =D

*end added*


most thought provoking question i was asked tonite: if your gf cheated on you, will you want to (1) know the truth or (2) take it as nothing has happened?

i thought for a few seconds.. i not sure why i pondered before saying that i will choose the 1st answer.. but nevertheless, i'm still very much the person who will rather know the truth than to avoid knowing the ending, even though it may be something which i'll not wish to hear..

that reminded me of one of my colleagues who told me that he went for a gal and the gal told him frankly that if he was slightly earlier, she might be his.. my colleague was happy to know about it and i feel happy for him and i like the gal's attitude, that is she is frank and even 'analyse' the whole situation to my colleague on what he did wrong or did not do and so on... how many of such frank gals can you find rite? if i'm after a gal, whether the gal likes me or not, i'll hope that she can be straight to the point and let me know.. i mean, if we both have feelings for each other, why not let the love blossom earlier than trying to hold back? if we are not meant for each other, then why not let each other know so that we can still remain as friends before everything goes out of hand?


happy birthday francis! hope you like the little cake we got for you today! =)

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