Saturday, March 18, 2006

yeah! tomorrow going down to see see and test drive my potential babies! after careful analysis of the various models in the market and matching with my budget, i have shortlisted the following 4 models (not in order of preference):

toyota vios

mitsubishi lancer

mazda 2

mazda 3

coincidentally, the above sequence is in terms of the damage to my wallet =)

i have only test drive only mazda 3 which my supplier openly and willingly allow me to test it (i DID NOT threathen him that i'll cancel my orders hor if he dun comply! =D) although i have been a passenger for vios, lancer and m3. i'm pretty happy with all of them but m3 still gives me a better and more comfortable feel as a passenger among them. vios is abit squeezy.. lancer offers adequate legroom.. but if money is not a consideration, i'll surely go for m2 or m3! m2 is cute.. and i like cute cars, cute gals *opps!* hehe! but my dad will sure scream as he dun like small small cars... lancer is sporty.. which i like also... at least my dad will not complain so much as its bigger then vios and m2 and more compatible to his age.. vios is good for the price lah. 2 SRS airbags at that price is really worth it! heard that its fuel consumption and accessories are the lowest as well which makes economic sense..

anyway tomorrow is only the first round of elimination, and i dun eliminate the possibility of not buying any baby.. haha..

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