Friday, March 17, 2006

one uncertainty down: i got the results of my last module for my course and thankfully i passed.. and my program manager told me that my average score is above 70 so i'm eligible for 1st class honours (subject to the university's final approval)! yeah i know its abit strange that a postgraduate course has honours classification but maybe this is a course work based one bah so they also incorporate the structure in it.. convo in ireland will be in april but i got ICT so won't be going.. the one in singapore will be in nov.. i wonder by then will i still have the mood for convo or not.. haha.. but quite shiok lah, thinking that i'll have the chance to wear the convo gown again.. this time different colour one =)


congrats to my NS buddy brendon and his wifey!

he also good leh... sleep beside him (not same bed!!) for almost 2 years during NS yet he ROMed also no inform me! haizzz.. got wife dun want buddy liao.. anyway feel happy for him lah coz they are together even before NS.. so fingers count count also got at least 6-8 years of courtship already! really steady pom pi pi..

i also wana get married.. but no one want to marry me... ahhh! sad case ah! =(

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