Sunday, March 12, 2006

met up with da tou yesterday.. actually her head isn't that big at all lah.. and dunno why she kept on saying she's fat.. well well... all gals feel that they are fat no matter how stick thin they are.. anyway find that she is the kind of "gal next next door" kind with a very sweet smile.. gal, must smile more k! u look prettier when you smile! haha =)

its quite a wrong move to go ms yesterday as there's this IT show going on at suntec and the whole place was soooo super duper crowded! luckily we met earlier for dinner otherwise we can really wait till the cows come home before we can have a table.. after that guess what, 2 road idiots managed to drive from ms to hv for something to drink before heading back to individual homes! accomplishment right? haha! *clap clap for da tou*

da tou, wait for me to buy a car first lah, then i'll force myself to recognise the roads then drive you around.. but before that, pray for me that i get the job first... =)

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