Friday, March 10, 2006

met JJ on my way home at jurong east mrt. seriously i won't know was him till he stretched out his hand and tried to wave at me furiously. that made me realise that i've very bad situational awareness! realli! if i'm outside, i seldom able to recognise anyone i know on the street. for instance, on top of today, 2 weeks ago i met SY at a boutique in causeway point but i also did not see him till he called out my name.. see.. even in a shop i also cannot recognise anyone.. another time my junior saw me while i was travelling down an escalator while he was going up in the mrt station and if not for his call i'll not even know that we happened to passby each other! so if you happen to see me on the street next time, dun be mad if i did not notice you coz my situational awareness is really bad..

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