Tuesday, March 14, 2006

i'm wondering what kind of impression am i giving others as i feel that what others think about me is very different from the way i think i am. for instance, while the bosses are all out of office, me and my colleagues are "eating snake" chatting and we talk about one of them going to be "promoted" to the status of "mdm" by this year end. and when this colleague of mine turns the table around and asks me when will it be my turn, my answer of me not attached at the moment seems to shock her as she all the way thinks that i have no lack of gf(s)! faintz! that reminds me of sometime back when i took a cab to attend a meeting, the cab driver also cannot believe that i'm not attached.. =(

just as they are recovering from the state of shock, i'm equally amused and confused as i really dunno what wrong signal did i send to them to give them the wrong impression that i'm a playboy or casanova? seriously i'm not lor, pls! and do i have the blissful look of me happily attached? come on! i haven't had that blissful look for ages already..

hmmm... thats so contradicting of what i have always thought the person i'm...

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