Thursday, February 23, 2006

i really shaked my head when i visited california fitness (orchard plaza) this evening for my workout.. *shake head*

its really really very very crowded!! the treadmills are barely enough for all and the weights section is worst! i almost have problem trying to wriggle in and out of that area.. the place is so crowded that i almost thought that i'm in those clubfit gyms in sports stadium. oppss.. sorry let me rephase that.. i think those clubfit gyms are less crowded, at least i can still find a bench for myself... =)

oh well, i should remind myself that beggers shouldn't be choosers, coz my entry to california fitness is free anyway.. all thanks to my mini..


regarding my job application....

for the china posting job, the manager gave me till next monday to make a decision. although i've hinted quite obviously in the email to him that the pay is below my expectations, he doesn't seems to get the hint..

i got a call this afternoon! yeah! i'm going for my 2nd interview at a stat board next thursday! heard from the lady who called me that only me and another fellow got called for the 2nd interview so 2 scenarios may happen: one of us is going to be kicked if there is only 1 position available, or that both of us will get the job coz there are 2 openings! hmmm... i hope its the latter... but then come back to it, i'm more interested in another job as i feel that the other one is more challenging and offers more avenues for growth.. but then this stat board job is more routine (aka boring) but is more stable lor... aiyah dun care lah, just hope the other one will also offer me a job so that i can choose... =)


watch wallace & gormit if you haven't. grab the vcd or dvd.. its funny! =D

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