Monday, February 20, 2006

today's interview was probably the best i went for! i managed to answer quite confidently to all questions shot at me and i can feel that the interviewers (3 of them) have rather good impression of me! yeah! i basically threw out everything i learnt during lessons and what i've learnt in my current job at them.. i didn't really prepare for this interview as the previous few interviews have prepared me adequately for this particular one.. its just like a sportman taking part in smaller competitions just to prepare himself for the big event! the questions they asked me have been encouraging.. for instance, they asked me if i am able to start work within the one month's notice i need. i believe that if an interviewer isn't interested in the candidate, he will not bother to ask if the candidate can join earlier or not rite? also, they mentioned that i have the relevant qualifications and its the experience which i need to improve on.. and they kind of ran out of questions to ask me! hehe! overall, the feeling and atmosphere during the meeting was great! now i can only hope that i'll receive a call from them soon... *pray VERY HARD...*

oh yah, such a coincidence to meet "lightning" near the place i attended my interview as his car was being kissed on the backside.. poor thing..

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