Tuesday, January 03, 2006

its definitely a good start for me this year, and its only the 3rd day! =D

i'm all smiling in the office after i received a call. hmmm.. will keep it mysterious for the moment. anyway the call certainly brightens up my supposed to-be gloomy day.. hehe. my fairy-god-mother has certainly saw my bucket full of tears that she finally realised that she has been neglecting me for the past year! oh well fairy-god-mother, although last year has been shitty but i don't blame you. at least now you realised that i'm here and do sprinkle abit more of your magical powers onto me.. i need them badly for this month! if you do read my blog, please look thru my wish list and my resolutions for the year and fulfill my wishes! hehe! =D thank you very much!

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